Why you should support Small Vegan start-ups


Choosing small vegan start-ups is a great way to help veganism

We’ve all heard the phrase “somebody somewhere does a little happy dance every time you support a small business” - and it’s true! Every sale counts when you run a small business.


It is truer still for a small vegan business because a Vegan entrepreneur is not just a vegan business owner. A vegan entrepreneur is an activist on a path to change the world as we know it, one sale, one meal or one product at a time. Making the decision to start a vegan business is a decision that comes from a place far deeper than just making money. It goes without saying that it is far easier to make money running a non-vegan, unethical business because it appeals to the masses.


When a vegan entrepreneur makes the choice to invest their money, time and effort into a vegan venture, they are doing so at great risk because of the small niche market they are targeting.


The Vegan market, although growing in leaps and bounds is still very small in comparison. When a business person takes that leap to venture into veganism as a business, they are almost always doing it with the intention of growing veganism, creating awareness by changing perceptions about veganism and of course, providing alternatives to the vegan community.

For vegans in the US The Vegan Investing club is a great initiative to help vegan startups prosper.


Veganism in its very essence is a numbers game


Every one of us votes with our money every time we choose to buy a vegan product over a non-vegan one. We are “voting” for that product over its counterpart. A small vegan business takes this to the next level by adding cruelty-free products to the market for both vegans and non-vegans thereby creating the potential to create a bigger change than the average vegan individual. 

However, for these businesses to thrive, we must support them by buying their products, giving them shout-outs on social media and spreading the word among friends. 

Not every one of us has the ability to give up our 9-5 jobs to start a vegan business that may and may not succeed. Starting a business in itself - vegan or otherwise is a risk. A vegan business is a bigger risk than others. As a community, it is our duty to support these changemakers by making their lives just a little bit easier.

Every time you support a vegan entrepreneur or business, not only does a vegan someone somewhere do a little dance, but you're also supporting the animals. You are making it possible for that entrepreneur to spread the word about Veganism to people who do not know of Veganism yet. You are becoming a changemaker. 

A vegan entrepreneur is not your average business person. They are vegan activists that are putting their livelihoods on the line to create a better world for people, animals and the environment. When you choose to support these changemakers by buying something from them or even sharing a quick post on your socials, you are becoming a part of that change.


Choose your investments wisely

One of the reasons that Veganism is growing at a speed that is less than the speed it has the potential to grow at is that vegan business people, vegan entrepreneurs and vegan idea makers do not have the funds to bring their incredible ideas to life. 

In most cases, vegan restaurants close within a year of opening, despite being a business with the potential to thrive. The reason for this is that the demand for vegan food is small in comparison with the demand for meat. This means that a vegan restaurant or business has to fight so much harder than your average business. 

In many cases, despite the exponential growth and potential to thrive, they end up in closure due to a lack of funds needed in that first year. One way that you can help these businesses, if you have the ability to do so would be to invest in them.


The zero-cost ripple effect


Imagine for one moment the ripple effect that could be created if every vegan takes a few moments of their time every week to share a post for a vegan business on their own social media platforms. It is great to support small businesses by buying their products, but you could create a stronger effect by sharing and talking about these products and businesses. 

It costs you nothing, but it gives free publicity to the vegan business, it potentially sells vegan products to non-vegans and increases the demand for vegan products all at once and it costs absolutely nothing.


Take a moment today to support a vegan entrepreneur and help them change the world!