Voting with your dollar for a vegan world

Millions of vegans around the world are joining hands to achieve one shared goal - a kinder place for animals.

Every drop makes an ocean

Veganism itself is built on this foundation and it is with this in mind that Vegan Investing Club was born in 2020 from an idea that founder Mark Perlmutter had to bring vegans together to support vegan start-ups in order to accelerate the vegan economy.

Every vegan is an activist in their own right, campaigning to change the world with their every action. Every time a vegan chooses not to pay money to purchase a non-vegan product and chooses a plant-based product instead, they are voting with their money for the vegan product over its non-vegan counterpart.

Mark takes this principle to the next level by bringing vegans from all walks of life together into the Vegan Investing Club to support and invest in exciting vegan start-ups through crowdfunding. As vegan businesses and vegan products on the shelves increase, so will veganism as a whole.

Although, over the past few years, veganism has become one of the fastest-growing lifestyles ever with brand new vegan products showing up in the market every day, it is still a challenge for vegan start-ups and vegan entrepreneurs to get the funding they need to build their businesses. The Vegan Investing Club takes up this challenge.

The club bridges the gap between everyday vegans and vegan start-ups looking for funding by routinely announcing start-ups to its members after vetting them. Members of the club can then choose to invest in these start-ups. The club is free to join and there is no obligation for members to invest in the business.

Growth of the Vegan Investing Club

Currently, with 20,000 members, the club aims to reach a million members in the near future that will help vegan start-ups and back exciting vegan ideas starting at $100 to accelerate the vegan economy.

Imagine the change that 20,000 vegans investing just $100 each month could make to vegan businesses. That’s 2 million dollars going to support start-ups every month. Granted, every member may not invest every month but this is offset by the fact that some members will invest multiples of $100. Now, imagine what a million members would achieve.

As millions of vegans around the world continue to vote for vegan products over non-vegan ones, the demand for these vegan products goes up.

Many non-vegans claim that they are open to moving to a vegan diet or at the very least, adding more plant-based meals into their diet if there were more vegan options available. The Vegan Investing Club directly addresses this by helping new vegan businesses thrive and vegan ideas grow into thriving businesses. The club will have a direct and immediate effect on the vegan economy as it grows, making the impact of each member of the club so much stronger than if they were simply following a vegan diet